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The « golden touch »

During my training with Joe Navarro, I learned about the concept of the « golden touch ».

Indeed, scientific research has shown that touching people increases profit. Waiters and car attendants have long understood that touching people in the right places and in a respectful way will result in more tips.

My point is not to say that people should be touched ostentatiously for financial gain, but to highlight the importance of touch between humans.

Why is it important to « touch » the other?

Humans are contact animals, when a person touches another person in an ethical and appropriate way, our bodies release oxytocins, a brain chemical that is essential for building relationships, such as the bond between a mother and child. In doing so, we become more approachable, more sympathetic in a way. The person feels good about us.

When a person feels at ease with us, they give signs of comfort. Feeling comfortable and not defensive, they are then in a good mood. They feel a connection between you and them. This opens up the possibility of better communication, openness and, ultimately, trust.

In the professional field, it is important to realise that if a person is comfortable, he or she will be more likely to stay in interpersonal communication or to give you business opportunities. Also, since they are not defensive, your speech will have more impact.

Learning to practice the « golden touch » by remaining authentic is a nice lever for creating a connection.

This applies not only to the professional realm, but also to the private one.

The next time your child is feeling down, instead of sending a WhatsApp, or just asking a question to see how they are, go up to their room, brush against their arm, and you will see the miracles of interpersonal communication happen, even on teenagers 🙂

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