Human to human, not just a slogan, a passion!

We believe that every human being is unique and deserves to be recognized.

We have developed a specific method, based on the latest neuroscientific findings in behavioral science, so that you can uncover the best of yourself by being authentic, and to give you the tools to analyse the behavior of your interlocutor in an ethical and respectful way.

Our method allows you to become an attentive observer who knows the various clues that need to be

We believe that behavioral intelligence means being able to read the other, through and beyond words.

Understanding how to relate the words used to the observed body language becomes the perfect tool to illustrate your authenticity and evaluate that of the other.

We speak of congruence when the person agrees with what he or she says, shows, and emotionally lives in the moment of interpersonal communication.

Today, the analysis of congruence is particularly useful for business professionals, i.e. HR departments, coaches, psychologists and negotiators.

It allows anyone to show themselves without the risk of being perceived by others through unconscious or biased filters.

Sometimes our unconscious perceives something and feels discomfort with the unconsciously identified cues.

In this sense, the ability to create this incongruence enables people in interpersonal communication to reformulate their thinking and thus clearly express what they want to emphasize.

Becoming an authentic person and evaluating the behavior of others requires, among other things, ethical analysis and an awareness of congruence.

This is what we offer you with our various services.

Founder & CEO

Caroline Matteucci

Caroline has always been passionate about understanding people.

As an expert in reading and behavioral analysis, she is a pioneer in this field in Switzerland and has been trained in the most advanced behavioral intelligence techniques (Paul Ekman Group, Center for Body Language, Joe Navarro, Daniel Goleman).

Her expertise focuses on a unique approach based on authenticity through congruence analysis. The proposed method is based on the latest findings in behavioral neuroscience.

Caroline holds an eMBA (Change Management), a Master’s Degree in Coaching (Leadership and Communication), a Master’s Degree in Body Language and the internationally recognized ETaC Diploma (Evaluating Truthfulness & Credibility), has a sound theoretical knowledge and more than 20 years of experience in coaching companies and individuals. She is currently training with Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent with behavioral expertise.

Her career began as a security police inspector serving minors and morals, followed by positions as a personnel consultant, life & business coach and ended in executive positions before starting her own start-up.

Currently, Caroline focuses on developing CM profiling with a focus on people and understanding their behavior.

Caroline is an author and lecturer.


All our services are offered "à la carte" in order to develop a consulting follow-up or training tailored to your needs.

Everyone has the ability to observe human behavior. It is enough to reawaken the awareness of the indications and methods to be considered.
The training is designed as a path of development, from the acquisition of techniques to performance in real situations.
Throughout Switzerland and soon abroad, profiling trainings are organised to apply congruence analysis as a recruitment tool, in conflict management, in negotiation or as a tool for applying authentic intelligence to increase its impact on leadership.
If you would like to know more, please contact us or register directly on our agenda, where you will find a description of each course.
Contact us to request our assistance in reading and behavioral analysis, whether to become more authentic (leadership), uncover incongruities in a person, hire staff, evaluate a future partner, create a behavioural profile, negotiate, conflict or even perceive change.
If you would like to organize a conference for your company or network on the theme of reading and behavioral analysis, do not hesitate to contact us.


Our golden circle


Empower people to feel safe and authentic to use their full potential and that of others.


Practice conscious observation of yourself and others with profiling tools that allow analysis of congruence.


Offer tailor-made consulting and training services. Proposal of a tool to support interpersonal communication throug our IA

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