With CM Profiling learn to communicate beyond words. Communication is not just about words, it is about gestures and body posture. 93% of the message is conveyed by non-verbal (55% by the body, 38% by the voice) and only 7% by words.

Relationships as a driver of efficiency:

Whether you wish to join forces, to hire a new employee, invest in an idea, to form a team or work on common themes, it is essential to know how to interpret both verbal and non-verbal language.

After several studies, it has been found that one of the main reasons for business failure is a lack of understanding among team members, disagreement between founders, investors or board members.

The approach based on the profiler’s tool sheds light on the interrelationships, the roles assumed by each person, the strengths of pooling experiences, the types of personalities present, the issues at stake and proposes, in the long run, a user manual specific to each team.

The profiler puts his specific skills at your disposal, without intervening in your discussion, but as an observer attentive to the extreme and without a priori.