CM Profiling offers its services for the behavioural reading of an individual or (a group) of individual(s). From the specific techniques, the points of non-coherence between speech and non-verbal language are identified as well as the signals of agreement or disagreement. The credibility analysis makes it possible to form an objective opinion of the interlocutor and to identify the key points allowing to take the advantage in a concrete situation.

Profiling Recruitment:

You need to hire a critical element for your team or identify a talent internally? You need to partner or choose an investor and wish to be accompanied in this choice? Call on the Profiling Recruitment service to benefit from the expert advice of a profiling expert.

At the end of the process, a profiling assessment report is provided. To see an example, click on → here put the recruitment PDF report.

Profiling Credibility Analysis on video support :

Not sure you can trust someone you know? Want expert advice on a video of an individual (or person) you can’t get an idea of? The Profiling Credibility Analysis service reads the images from the profiling angle (credibility analysis) and provides you with a written report, as well as clear, precise and personalised feedback.

Profiling Negotiation :

Do you have a very important negotiation? The profiler accompanies you during the interview and allows you to interpret all signals (verbal, non-verbal, physical) in order to conclude the discussion to your advantage.

Profiling Contract Fraud :

You have detected that a customer is trying to provide false information or is hiding certain details of a claim or contract? With a profiler at your side, you identify the clues needed to assess credibility (lie or truth).